CHAPEl HILL – Landen Gambill’s ex-boyfriend has spoken out about the accusations he has faced and says UNC “forced (him) out.”

Gambill’s ex remained anonymous when he spoke to the Daily Tar Heel in an article that was posted on Monday, but told the University newspaper that the school did not give him a chance to present his case against the accusations before he was forced to leave the school. He says he received a letter from the University saying he was suspended indefinitely.

In the Spring of 2012, Gambill accused her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting her. He was found guilty of verbal harassment but was found not guilty of two counts of sexual misconduct by a University Hearings Board. The board—consisting of two students, two faculty members, and one administrator—heard the case after sexual assault cases were removed from the Honor Court’s jurisdiction.

It took Gambill’s ex-boyfriend six months to be readmitted to North Carolina. He says during that time he suffered psychological damage including a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Gambill’s ex-boyfriend’s lawyer John Gresham says he has taken extra steps while on campus to be sure his actions are not misunderstood. Gresham says his client makes sure someone else is with him while walking on campus in case their path’s cross and it doesn’t look as if he is stalking her or trying to contact her. He also says he has had to switch classes to make sure he wasn’t anywhere near Gambill.

Gambill has been charged by her ex-boyfriend with disruptive and intimidating behavior. The UNC Honor Court will investigate those charges.