ORANGE COUNTY – You have three new choices for this year’s municipal and school board elections with less than a day for last minute filings.

In Carrboro, vice chair of the Transportation Advisory Board, Kurt Stolka, filed to run for one of the three Board of Aldermen positions. All three board members whose terms are up this year are running for reelection.

In Chapel Hill, Amy Ryan, a former member of the Planning Board who worked on reviewing the Chapel Hill 2020 Plan, filed to run for the Chapel Hill Town Council. That race has four seats available, with two of the incumbent board members not running for re-election.

Ryan applied for Penny Rich’s seat which she left vacant for a Board of Commissioners seat in Orange County. Sally Greene was appointed to fill that spot.

On the Chapel Hill Carrboro School Board, Ignacio Tzoumas filed to run to be one of its new board members. There are three seats open there, with two of the incumbents, including chair Michelle Brownstein, running for re-election.

The deadline to file for the municipal and school board elections is Friday at noon; Election Day is November 5th.