CHAPEL HILL – With municipal elections this Nov. 5, candidates are filing to run for the available seats and positions in the local area.

In Hillsborough, two candidates who have already filed are Mayor Tom Stevens, who is aiming for his fifth term, and Jenn Weaver, who is running for one of the town’s two available Board of Commissioners seats.

While Stevens says that he does not “do a lot” as mayor, he says he works hard to set a standard of cooperation between not only the board, but between Hillsborough and other towns as well.

“We try to make decisions based on information, based on gathering lots of points of view, and I think that is filtered through almost everything that we’ve accomplished in this community,” Stevens says.

Weaver says that her experience on the Parks and Recreation Department’s volunteer board has given her insight into the inner machinations of Hillsborough.

“Serving on that board has helped me see how all the facets of town government work together to create the kind of living space that we seek to be in,” Weaver says.

Stevens says that Hillsborough, although still a small, historic town in many ways, is facing steady growth. He says that leads to the town needing to take action to cope with the influx of residents.

“We have to deal with water issues, we have to deal with traffic issues and transportation issues,” Stevens says.

The growth has led to an arts and restaurant scene in Hillsborough that Stevens says did not exist a decade ago.

“The most important thing for Hillsborough is moving into the 21st Century, dealing with growth but keeping our small town character,” Stevens says.

Weaver expresses similar concerns about balancing Hillsborough’s welcoming nature for businesses and residents moving in with efforts to maintain the small town characteristics.

“I’m interested in making sure that all the neighborhoods in Hillsborough feel connected and that we find ways to literally make people be connected through walkability and navigating Hillsborough,” Weaver says.

All of the town’s issues surrounding growth tie into what Weaver says is her personal concern that Hillsborough needs to remain sustainable, both environmentally and affordably.

“Public officials in general need to be thinking that was as they look toward the future,” Weaver says. “In a world of limited resources, how can a small town still create the place that’s forward-looking?”

The deadline to file for municipal or school board office in Orange County is next Friday, July 19, at noon.