ORANGE COUNTY – Early voting only produced a little more than 2000 voters, and the precincts were warned to expect lower numbers in this year’s election.

Chapel Hill Community Center Precinct Chief Judge Fred Ethel says he was told this election didn’t receive the same following as previous elections.

“We had a couple of people that thought there wasn’t as much publicity about this election this time, and certainly information about some of the candidates they thought was not as readily available,” Ethel says.

Ethel says not all voters had negative spirits for the off-year election.

“Everyone else was appreciative that we were here and that they had the opportunity to vote which is always nice to hear from people who come out to vote in a free country,” Ethel says.

Hillsborough’s Grady Brown Precinct Chief Judge Hazel Lundsford says she too heard from people who were uninformed about the election.

“We have found out that a lot of people didn’t know that this was simply a municipal election,” Lundsford says. “They’ve come in, and we were very proud of them for coming in because at least it showed that they were interested and they weren’t upset that they didn’t get to vote.”

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