CARRBORO – Damon Seils is Carrboro’s newest member on the Board of Aldermen.

Tuesday marked the Carborro special election to fill the vacant seat on the Board.  Seils, who currently serves on the Carrboro Planning Board and is the former chair, stood as the sole contender for the empty position though there were write-ins.

After the eight precincts tallied up the numbers, Seils received 230 votes out of a total 261, according to the Orange County Board of Elections. 31 votes were write-ins.

The position was previously held by Dan Coleman, who moved to Australia back in December. The Board voted on January 15 to hold a special election to fill the seat.  Seils was the only person to file for the position.

With his background in planning, Seils says he wants the Town to develop a clearer vision of what it wants to become in the coming years. He also wants to focus on transit issues.