CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill Town Council candidate, Paul Neebe, says, if elected, he’ll focus on what he calls the town’s escalating tax problems.

“We need to figure out some way to keep them from growing so quickly and hopefully stabilize them,” Neebe says.

WCHL’s Ran Northam spoke with Neebe about his seeking election to the Town Council and how he believes he’ll best serve you.

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Nine candidates are contending for four seats on the Town Council.

Neebe says his background in music will help him make sure that all the voices of Chapel Hill are heard.

“I try to make sure that every time I talk to people that I get their input,” Neebe says. “As a professional musician, we are trained to listen to every single voice.”

Between now and Election Day, we’ll be previewing each of the candidates one-on-one.

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