CHAPEL HILL – More than fifty businesses, organizations, and places of higher education are taking part in a fair to help students in need of special accommodations prepare for life outside of school.

“This in an opportunity for our families to come to East Chapel Hill High School and meet with many different representatives from a variety of area resources,” says Susan Lombardo, Transition Facilitator at East Chapel Hill High School.

“The transition facilitator is most concerned about the students’ transition from school life to adulthood,” Lombardo says.

Tuesday’s fair at East Chapel Hill presents students and young adults the opportunity to find their next step in life. Lombardo says not only does it allow those who don’t want to continue their education a place to find a job, but connects other individuals with the right people at colleges and universities to make sure they get the right help to make the most of it.

“Students who perhaps will go on to a four-year school and requires some type of modification or accommodation through disability services, this event would also be appropriate for them,” Lombardo says.

A few of the local organizations participating in the event include The Arc of Orange County, OE Enterprises, Extraordinary Ventures, different departments of the Department of Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and much more. Local colleges and universities will also be representatives.

The fair is designed for students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Orange County districts, but Lombardo says families of those who are already out of school are also welcome.

“We have to think that the community is really where it’s at for the individuals with disabilities,” Lombardo says. “As many connections as a family can make on their children’s behalf and their children making is really critical to having a quality of life once they leave school.”

Tuesday’s Transition Fair takes place in the Café Commons of East Chapel Hill High School from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

For more information, call Susan Lombardo at 919-969-2482 ext. 27023.