CHAPEL HILL – In April, the Chapel Hill Public Library opened its newly expanded facility at 100 Library Drive. One month ago, Susan Brown took over as director of the library and says she has a vision for the modern space.

Currently the library is only operating 54 hours a week, but with the 2013-14 budget, the hours will be extended to 64—still four short of where they were before the expansion. Brown says she and the library’s staff have a two-phase plan to strategically increase the hours based on what the people want.

“So we’re hearing from council and from our constituents and stake holders that weekend hours are super important” Brown said.

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The first phase will most likely increase the weekend, but the second phase will not be for a couple of months so that the library staff put adequate time into planning that next step.

With the new facility that more than doubled the old library space, it has received praise for how it looks; but while Brown says she loves it, she says it’s about more than just what you see.

“The building is in some ways the least important piece of it, its more about who’s using us and what we are doing and the impact that we’re making” said Susan Brown.

The Chapel Hill Library has been adjusting to the new facility and staffing.  However, Brown says the transition to the space isn’t complete.

“I think we’re still in that sort of, figuring it all out and tweaking some workflows and procedures” Brown said.

The Chapel Hill Public Library is currently in its summer reading session, and Brown says the staff is glad to help anyone find what they are looking for, while also offering computers and digital media labs.

For more information on the Chapel Hill Public Library you can click here or call at 919-968-2777.