CHAPEL HILL – After a tumultuous first couple years, the new owners of Greenbridge Condominiums say the complex is turning a corner, with new homeowners and new businesses moving in.

“We have had 24 sales to date, and that with the 36 original homes, we are at 64% sold,” Miller said “we’ve sold 60 homes out of the 97, and we’ve 37 to go, we hope to be done in about a year.”

That’s Vic Miller, the VP of sales at Greenbridge. He says of those 60 units sold, 24 were sold in the past year alone; just a few years ago, the building was two-thirds vacant and had to go into bankruptcy.

New businesses are coming in as well: the newest addition is a 1300-square-foot eco-friendly hair salon, To The Woods, co-owned by Jessica Reiner, Jaime Phillips and Julie Smith.

Greenbridge has always touted itself as a center for green technology: the original owners designed the building to be energy efficient, with features like planted rooftops, fresh air exchangers and Low-E glass. Miller says those features lower the energy cost for an average unit by 30 percent—and PR rep Amanda Romano says the building may soon receive a major award for that commitment to sustainability.

“They are finalists for the 2013 Green Gala Sustainable Business Award this year, so that’s something they are still really invested in as well” Romano commented.

Vic Miller says Greenbridge may still file for official LEED certification as well.

Miller says he’s optimistic about Greenbridge’s future—and he also says he’s optimistic about the future of Chapel Hill and Carrboro as well.

“I think over the next couple years, I’d say the next five years, I think that Chapel Hill, Rosemary Street, Carrboro area is going to be an epicenter of new growth in your area” Miller said “I just see a lot of changes, we’ve been there the last two years.”