CHAPEL HILL – Saturday’s re-dedication of the Chapel Hill Public Library nearly brings the ten-year reconstruction process to an end at a time when interim director Mark Bayles says couldn’t have come sooner.
“The community had outgrown it,” Bayles says. “We didn’t have enough space for our materials; we didn’t have enough seating for our patrons when they came in; we didn’t have enough meeting space to meet the needs of the community.”
The final stage of the process will be implementing the last increase in operating budget cost: $350,000 of the $700,000 that was projected for the new facility. That conversation will resume when budget talks pick up in May.
However, this weekend is for celebration, and Bayles says the library’s new director, Susan Brown will be on hand to join in.
“She will actually be in town for the dedication and…the following week for the foundation gala that’s going to be held at the library,” Bayles says.
Bayles will hold onto the interim director position until May 20 and then he will step back to the assistant director role.
He says Saturday’s events will have fun for all ages.
“We have a magician program for the kids,” Bayles says. “Then we’ll have music, drinks, and cookies out on the patio, weather permitting. Look forward to it being a very active weekend.”
The Chapel Hill Public Library Re-dedication Ceremony begins Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on Library Drive just off Estes Drive near the University Mall.