DURHAM – Durham County Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson signed the order to reseal the investigative documents of the murder of UNC student Faith Hedgepeth for the fifth time on Friday.

Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks told WCHL that Judge Hudson was presented the documents in his office on Friday. The order is once again 60 days.

Last Friday, Durham’s interim District Attorney Leon Stanback told WCHL that the reason he continues to ask the court to keep the documents sealed is that he and investigators believe there is information in the materials that may tip off the suspect.

On January 8, Chapel Hill Police released details of the investigation including DNA of a male suspect found at the scene. Little information has been released other than that.

The Chapel Hill Police Department continues to express that this is not a cold case and that it is continuing to follow leads.

Police are still seeking any information that could help in the investigation. Call the Chapel Hill Police Department at 919-614-6363 or Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515.