DURHAM – Another 60 days has come and gone, and Durham County Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks says another order to seal the documents in the murder investigation of UNC student, Faith Hedgepeth, will likely be made this week.

On May 14, a Durham County Judge resealed the documents for 60 days—an order that expires Thursday. Franks says the court date is dependent upon court schedules.

*Franks told WCHL Thursday morning that the DA’s office will motion to have the documents resealed. That motion will be heard by Judge Orlando Hudson next week.

Hedgpeth was found dead in her off-campus apartment by her roommate on September 7, 2012. Investigators released little information initially but informed people that neither the campus nor community were in immediate danger. In January, information regarding DNA evidence of the suspected killer, a timeline of the night of her death, and a suspect profile were released. The cause of death has still not been announced.