The Carrboro Police Department is offering a new way for citizens to access the latest information on crime, accidents, and other police reports.

Captain with the Carrboro Police Department, Chris Atack, describes what the P2C website is and how it can be accessed by citizens.

“P2C, or Police to Citizen, is a web access application that allows folks to search records with the Carrboro Police Department,” says Cpt. Atack. “They can do it anywhere they can get the Internet.”

Cpt. Atack says that there is a great amount of information that residents of Carrboro can now be privy to, and what that means

“They can research accident reports if they were involved in an accident,” says Cpt. Atack. “They can also search incidents and arrests. They can do it geographically, they can do it by name they can do it by date. Just a lot of information is available to folks that they can now research on their own time in the privacy of their own house. They don’t have to worry about calling up the Police Department. It’s just part of getting the information out there to the public that we serve.”

Cpt. Atack says that this is another part of the Carrboro Police Department’s efforts to move forward with advancing technologies and ease of accessibility for those who need the information immediately.

“Last year, we jumped into the social media circuits, both with Facebook and Twitter,” says Cpt. Atack. “This is kind of that continuing effort on our part to bring in some more modern informational access systems to move us forward. This P2C is just one of those efforts.”

To check out the new Carrboro Police P2C site, click here.