ORANGE COUNTY – Not long ago, Orange County had the lowest unemployment rate in the state. But, according to the newest report by the North Carolina Civilian Labor Force, we have taken another hit.

Orange County’s unemployment rate rose to 6.5 percent in June, compared to 5.9 percent in May. However, at this same time last year, the county’s unemployment rate was 7.1 percent.

The North Carolina Department of Commerce says the state’s unemployment rate was at 9.3 percent in June, with the unemployment rate increasing in 81 counties. All of the state’s metropolitan areas experienced lower employment.

Those unemployed increased by around 16,100 people, bringing the number of unemployed workers in the state up to around 439,400.

These numbers are not seasonally adjusted.

Orange County had the lowest unemployment rate in the state for six months until November 2012. It is now ranked third, behind Currituck and Chatham Counties, who are first and second respectively.

The full unemployment report can be read here.