Image courtesy of nathanmac87

CARRBORO – You may now bring your gun into your favorite bar or restaurant thanks to House Bill 937 which Governor Pat McCrory signed into law Monday, but it’s up to the business whether or not to allow the firearms.

The law allows those with a concealed carry permit to bring a concealed firearm into an establishment that serves alcohol. Jim Wald, one of the owners of GlassHalfFull in Carrboro, says he’s is opposed to the idea of having guns and alcohol in the same vicinity.

“It doesn’t seem like the two mix,” Wald says.

The law includes that those who bring a concealed firearm into the bar are prohibited from drinking alcohol while they have the gun.

Sean LaBelle, kitchen manager at Bailey’s Pub and Grille in Chapel Hill, says he feels more comfortable with restrictions like this in place.

“I think it would be a fine thing,” LaBelle says. “As long as they have all of the necessary permits to carry a concealed weapon.”

Fox & Hound Restaurant Group, the company that owns Bailey’s Pub and Grille, says it has no comment on the bill.

Restaurants and bars would be able to expressly ban concealed firearms in their business. David Roberson, beverage manager at Southern Rail in Carrboro, says his bar would enforce that ban.

“We would probably rather people not come up here with firearms,” Robertson says.

The state’s Board of Insurance says that restaurants and bars that have patrons with concealed firearms would likely not affect their insurance premiums.