SEATTLE – Whatever your opinion is of North Carolina’s minimum wage, hearing Seattle, Washington’s goal might change it.

Washington already has the nation’s highest state minimum wage at $9.19 an hour. Now, there’s a push in Seattle, at least, to make it $15.

That would mean fast food workers, retail clerks, baristas and other minimum wage workers would get what protesters demanded when they shut down a handful of city restaurants in May and others called for when they demonstrated nationwide in July.

So far, the City Council and mayoral candidates have said they’d consider it in the famously liberal city. One said, however, that it may not be soon.

Supporters say the move would be good for the economy, by putting more money in the hands of regular consumers.

But some businesses advocates say a higher minimum wage will make it harder for companies to survive.

Minimum wage in North Carolina is $7.25.