In my opinion, Zero Dark Thursday was a very well designed and implemented multi-layered sports marketing promotion. Not saying it was D-Day-ish in its logistics but nothing with that many facets “just happens”. Other than the final three minutes of the game, it appeared to be flawlessly rolled-out.

Sincere kudos to BubbaTheRealAD, Sports Promotion Guy Rick Steinbacher, and the dozens of layers of worker bees who did all the grunt work necessary in such an endeavor.

Oh, I know how it will be derided and demeaned by that faction of humanity that uses “anything about UNC-CH” to compensate for their own inadequacies, shortcomings and daily failures.

Derisive comments “on the Internet” from an individual or even several individuals do not reflect an entire fan base – whether emanating from one’s own fan base or that of a rival fan base. Constipated comments rarely contain the proxy of anyone but the specific commenter.

If all you care about was “who won the game,” then the black unis and the t-shirts and the blue light things and the Franklin Street thingy et al don’t count. Go ahead and cuss Vic Koenning and grumble and mumble and post your cyber constipation on some nitwitty monkey board and wallow in your own acid reflux. Better you than me.

Yes, I am a traditionalist and “because it appeals to 17 y/o recruits” does kinda stick in my craw, but I am a realist traditionalist too. If the next time we have a Top Ten team “on the ropes” maybe those black unis will have brought us some nasty D-linemen at least almost as big as the opponents O-linemen. “They” had us by about 30 lbs/man last night. Maybe we (UNC) will have enough talent-on-the-hoof to match stride-stride with the “them” on a given Saturday (or Thursday night). It’s 2013 and UNC’s stable simply lacks thoroughbreds. The reasons for that have been well documented.

Larry’s Fighting Fedorians fought better last night than ANYONE in Kenan or watching on TV thought they would for the first 57 minutes. But “better” isn’t good enough in the “so, did you win or did you lose” end-game that men like Larry and Vic et al have chosen to engage in. They are big boys. Big boys have feelings too.

We noted in last week’s column, that the Baby Boomer demographic (50-ish+) of TarHeelNation is naturally resistant to giving up its long-standing dominant influence in sports marketing decisions.

As they say in Lion King; such is “The Circle of Life”.

It is 2013 and Millenials Rule.

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