CHAPEL HILL – The forty-first annual FestiFall is a wrap. And you could say it was a success.

***Listen to the Story***

West Franklin Street was packed full of people shuffling the street Sunday afternoon.

Some were locals.

“My name’s Jennifer Mau, and I’m a freshman at Chapel Hill.”

Some were out-of-towners.

“My name is Charie Powers. I’m from West Virginia, having a nice time, thank you.

I even talked to one fellow visiting family from another country.

“My wife and I are here visiting from Ottawa in Ontario.”

There’s something for everyone at Chapel Hill’s favorite annual festival.

For those like Mau, Festifall is inspiring.

“A favorite? Actually I like all the artwork here to be honest,” Mau said. “There all talented people and it makes me want to keep going in artwork, because I draw too. But it makes me want to keep going.

For Earl and Margaret Chessen, Festifall is a fun, leisurely way to spend a perfect fall day.

“We’re just hanging out,” Earl said. “We were biking up here, and just checking everything out.”

“Yeah it’s great, I’ve enjoyed seeing all the art exhibits,” Margaret said. “I liked the stainglass butterflies and the pottery.”

But art wasn’t all there was to see. Others were there for other attractions.

With 4 stages and a variety of performers, many came to swing and dance with their loved ones in front of live bands.

Others came to watch loved ones dance. Nine-year-old Macy Daniels put on a show to a full house. And with seven years of experience, she’s no newby.

“I danced like a solo and I did different dances with Encore Academy of Dance,” Daniels said.

There was plenty to eat.

“I’m always looking for food,” one patron said.

And for Powers, there was money to spend. People left Festifall with heavy bags, full stomachs, and much lighter wallets.

“I’ve spent some money actually,” Powers said. “It’s some jewelry for my baby back home.”

But those of us on a budget didn’t miss out either. UNC student Hannah Holland came for the complimentary convenience.

“Honestly I came because there are lots of free things and I’m a big fan,” Holland said.

Free things, fun times, good food, and tons to look at make Festifall a don’t-miss-it event every year.

“Everyone loves it,” Vickie Wiggins said. “You get to meet new people, experience all the different diversity and cultures of Chapel Hill which is what I love personally.

If you missed Festifall this year, be sure to put it in your plans for next October.