History Matters

This week in history and why it's relevant today with local historian Scott Washington.

Latest Episodes

April 18, 2019: Voice Day

Scott and Aaron celebrate Voice Day! Also, Paul Revere rides through Boston, two Civil War generals meet at Bennett Place, and Connecticut finally ratifies the Bill of Rights…in 1939.

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March 28, 2019: Crap Lyrics

Dave Thomas finally graduates; the corkscrew and the wetsuit are invented; the US buys Alaska; Jonas Salk unveils his polio vaccine; and the author of “Happy Birthday” is born.

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March 7, 2019: The Babe

Babe Ruth gets his start in Fayetteville, FDR is inaugurated, the telephone is patented, and a popular early PC is introduced. (Also, Scott and Aaron discuss the March of Dimes.)

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