Art’s Angle

Heels Good Bet, Sort Of

LAS VEGAS – Well, when in Vegas . . . where gambling is legal. After finishing our final Good Sports show on WCHL before the Maryland-Carolina game, I was intending to go to the hotel sports book and bet on the Tar Heels to...

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You Left Us Defenseless

Carolina had no defense for what Georgia Tech did Saturday. The Tar Heels, in fact, gave up nine more points than their basketball brethren did in THAT season opener Friday night (a 76-59 win over Gardner Webb). In losing to the...

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Trending Blue

If the fortunes of North Carolina’s two largest football programs over the last week forecast the outcome on Election Day, the “blues” are trending upward and the “reds” are in a free fall. In other words, the North Carolina Tar...

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