Zach Godwin

Movie Reviews: Gravity

One of the most incredible and memorable moments of my life was going to Cape Canaveral with my dad and sister to see the final launch of the space shuttle program. I had always been a space geek, even before Neil deGrasse Tyson made it cool to learn a few bullet points about space and look at Hubble photos on Facebook. I didn’t have great seats, crammed into a small park across a waterway from the launch site, but it was still one of the greatest sights I have ever seen. More than the sight, or even the impressive...

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Broadway at DPAC: Beauty and the Beast

Those of you who have read my movie reviews know that I like taking a technical, analytical look at film. Today I will begin my first in a series of articles on the Broadway series at DPAC, and where with film I take a cerebral approach, I look to bring a more simplistic, emotional approach to these musicals. While there are invaluable technical aspects to a successful theatrical production, the true power of theater comes from the raw energy and emotion of a live performance (not to mention that I know far less about the technical details of theater...

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Movie Reviews: Prisoners

From the time its first trailer popped up, Prisoners essentially laid all of its cards on the table, at least in terms of the meat of things. For a story about a child abduction, it posed only one question: how far is too far when searching for your kidnapped loved one? While Liam Neeson may have answered the question in his own way in 2008’s Taken, this film takes a bit of a deeper look at things, focusing on the events through the eyes of one of the kidnapped girls’ father as well as through the eyes of the...

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