Rachel Nash

UNC Releases Report On Student-Athlete Admission Process

 A report released Friday by UNC delves into the process of how the 2013 first-year class of student-athletes were evaluated for admission, including how many was enrolled under the “special talent policy,” a procedure which has recently called the University’s reputation into question. “This document focuses on the admission credentials of first-year student-athletes,” the report says, though it is buried under a statistical review of the entire enrolling class. The report, which was produced by Steve Farmer, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, and Bobbi Owen, Chair and Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, was partially introduced and only briefly mentioned during a Faculty Council meeting Friday. “In the course of the last five years, the number of applications for admissions to our University has gone up by 34 percent. In that time as that has happened, the same care and attention to treating everyone of those candidates to the University has been given by the office to make sure that everyone of them is treated as an individual,” Owen said. The special talent policy is a UNC Board of Trustees rule which provides admission to students who “give evidence of possessing special talents for University programs requiring special talents.” The University allocates 160 spaces in each year’s entering first-year class for student-athletes who are deemed to fall under this category. The policy also can be applied to other students with...

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Ninth Rabies Case Confirmed In Orange County

Nine rabies cases have been confirmed in Orange County so far this year, according to Animal Services. In total, twelve positive rabies cases were recorded in 2013 – so we’re nearing that figure, and it’s only April. On Saturday, an Efland resident found a dead raccoon outside of her barn. It was later tested and found to be rabid. The resident owns eight animals – three horses, three dogs, and two cats – and their potential exposure to the raccoon cannot be ruled out, Animal Services said.  Seven of the eight animals are currently vaccinated against rabies and will...

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