Meg McGurk

What Are You Going to Be For Halloween?

As the self-appointed Miss Halloween of Franklin Street for many a year gone by, and a huge Halloween fan to begin with – I’ve had plenty of time to make observations of what works, what thrills the crowd, and what could pass for one step short of an indecent exposure charge. And frankly, I love all of it. Here are my annual tips for celebrating Halloween on Franklin Street in a town that is known nationally for our celebration; UPDATED for 2012!   The author as Miss Halloween circa 2003 with Elvii. (Get it? Plural for Elvis!) Tip #1: Wear a Costume. You are not too cool to be a part of this crowd. This is Halloween and you are coming to Franklin Street; there is an expectation that you will dress up and play along nicely with others. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but you will have to put some thought into it. Or you can just be the guy that grabs the Bud Light box out of the recycling container on the way to Franklin Street, slaps it on his head and calls it a night! Tip #2:  Halloween Begins and Ends on Franklin Street. If you don’t have a costume yet then start shopping!  Time After Time Vintage Thrift and the Clothing Warehouse  are great stops for those that are still undecided – store staff will...

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Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Consider yourself a true local? On Saturday, October 13  from 2PM to 5PM, Love Chapel Hill will hold the fourth Downtown Scavenger Hunt –so  put together a team and show the world just how much you know your town!   The scavenger hunt  is free and open to all in the community – including UNC students, families, adults, and anyone that wants to form a team of between 2 to 5 players. Teams must solve riddles to determine their next stop by taking photos of themselves at each destination. As teams test their knowledge they compete for prizes and gift certificates! Many downtown businesses are clue destinations as well…(hint,hint!)     There are two different hunts – a shorter version good for teams with kids (those little legs might hold you back!) or anyone not as familiar with Chapel Hill; and a full version for those up for the challenge. All teams must sign up online.   Love Chapel Hill is a downtown church that meets both in The Varsity Theatre (in colder months), and at the Old Well (in warmer months). Taken to heart, the name is Love Chapel Hill because they truly do love their community. The church has been a great supporter of our downtown through a variety of initiatives including FREE FRANKLIN – they paid for parking all along East Franklin Street during move-in weekend for UNC...

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Let the Games Begin!

There is a commercial running on television right now for a credit card company where citizens of a fictional town pool their card reward points and host a community celebration for the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I’ll hand it to their marketing company — the commercial is exhilarating. It perfectly conveys the Olympic spirit of coming together, rallying for your team, and the sweeping feelings of national pride that flow every four years with the Olympics. The commercial is so inspiring that it prompted Megan Wooley, who works in the Planning Department at the Town of Chapel Hill, to call me up and propose an idea. She had seen the commercial and thought: Why don’t we hold a community celebration in downtown Chapel Hill during the Opening Ceremony just like the commercial? We immediately put our ‘team’ together. We found a wonderful partner and sponsor in Kildare’s Irish Pub, and honestly, where better to host an international celebration than in our downtown Irish pub? Kildare’s manager Margaritte Malfy and her staff completely embraced the event and added their own ideas.  Kildare’s kitchen crew has created a special international small plate menu featuring beer & food pairings from Ireland, England, Mexico, Belgium, and USA. Megan started contacting every local international group, community organization, and friends with an international connection and invited them. We have ordered decorations, organized Olympic games (bingo &...

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