Mark Barroso

GRUMPY vs. Facebook

Since it’s tax season (which season isn’t?), I’d like to register my support for the latest proposal out of Raleigh: HB6349, the “Grammar Restoration Unknown to Many People, Yo!” Act. Punctuation proliferation has gotten out of hand, and we must find a way to make money on it. GRUMPY is one of those rare bi-partisan bills that offers something for everyone. But more on that later. This is the section where I’m supposed to explain what the hell I’m talking about. Tucked deep inside documents from the National Security Agency leaked by Edward Snowden is a PowerPoint presentation on...

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Welcome to the Trapezium

If you can pause long enough from wondering how you can charge UNC $950 an hour for… anything, I would like to draw your attention south. Unbeknownst to casual observers, the Triangle is about to become the Trapezium, which is a square drawn by your two year old. Jim Goodnight, SAS founder and CEO and 85th richest man on the planet, wants to build a city the size of Chapel Hill a mule ride from downtown Pittsboro. When finished, the town that has an abandoned car dealership as its welcome mat will go from 3,800 people to 55,000 people....

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Last Writes

Recently I helped write an obituary for my mother-in-law, and it occurred to me that perhaps it should be a daily exercise, something that could force you to take stock of yourself, friends or enemies. Imagine the catharsis of coming home from work and writing, “Bob McKorkle, supervisor of Eastern Meats, died today after a lifetime of shorting paychecks, skimming the books and harassing long-time employees into retirement. A friend called him a ‘pillow of the community,’ for his proclivity for extra-marital affairs.” Fun, right? While libel laws and family values generally prevent this sort of thing, it’s cheap...

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