Kit FitzSimons

Mixed Massages

SECOND WEEK: After last week’s parkour adventure, I thought I’d go for the next logical thing I’ve never tried: a massage. Back again so soon? I’d actually heard about the benefits of massage from Colin of Fifth Ape in a blog post of his own. So I scheduled an appointment at Massage Envy at Eastgate, making sure to use the welcome-to-the-neighborhood-introductory-offer no-expiration-date coupon that’s been sitting on my counter for the last 7 months. (In the interest of helping you try out these weekly adventures yourself, I will point you in the direction of your own kitchen counter, where you probably also have at least one coupon for Massage Envy. And if you don’t, you must not get mail where you live.) I went into this adventure fairly blind; I know friends who have done a lot of internet research on how to prepare, what to do afterwards, what sort of tissue they want massaged. I took the alternate approach of saying, “If I’m going to try out a relaxation service, I’m not going to stress myself out about it,” and showed up with just enough time before my appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork in their Quiet Room. Medical History adventure! Yay! Fast forward fifteen minutes. Actually, while we’re fast-forwarding, let’s watch the other people in the Quiet Room: 1) Perpetually scowling woman who kept glancing at...

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Climb-It Control

NOTE: Click the links. You won’t be sorry. FIRST WEEK: Kit FitzSimons here. When I’m not in the office, busy being the Digital Content Manager for, I try to keep myself occupied. I’m a regular motion-capture actor for Epic Games in Cary, I’m taking parkour classes from Fifth Ape in the Forest Theater, and I perform and coach improv comedy at the DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro. Sometimes, people ask me, “Kit, why don’t you take a little time for yourself?” And I reply, “I thought that’s what I was doing.” See, I once heard this term bandied about: ‘Experience Junkies:’ people who will try literally anything once. The seven tenets of the official Experience Junkie (full text here) boil down to this: 1) Try something new. 2) Challenge yourself. 3) Be unique… 4) …or find a unique way to do something common. 5) Get involved and/or learn something. 6) Share the experience with others. 7) Get excited. I like that. A lot. And I try my best to find ways to apply those tenets to my life. I’m learning how to run up walls and lift logs as big as I am from Colin Pistell, a guy who lives within jogging distance of UNC campus. Someone once saw me in an improv show and told me I have the kind of “bendy alien face” he was looking...

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