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Nurse Tips: Double-Check Your Medications

Americans are taking more medications than ever before. Most of these meds allow us to live healthier (and longer), but it’s important to make sure that they are taken correctly. Over the next few months, the Nurse Tip of the Month will give you some helpful hints about your medications and how to make sure they work best for you. The most important thing to make sure of when you pick up your prescriptions is that you receive the correct medication in the correct dosage. Before you walk out of the store or drive away from the drive-thru lane, open up the bag and check that the medication and dosage written on the label is what your doctor specifically prescribed to you. Pharmacies do their best to fill prescriptions correctly, but mistakes do happen and they can result in severe consequences, such as overdoses or negative interactions, so make sure you make a habit of checking every single time you pick up your drugs. You can follow Everybody Needs A Nurse on Twitter @ENANurse1 image by beigeinside via...

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Headaches: When It's Time To See The Doctor

Headaches are, sadly, fairly common occurrences for most people. Generally, we take an aspirin or ibuprofen and it goes away. But when is it time to seek treatment for a headache? Plan a visit to your doctor if: your headaches require you to take pain medication frequently or in high doses your headaches are getting progressively worse over time your headache prevents you from performing your usual daily activities Go to the emergency room immediately if: your headaches are accompanied by seizures, weakness, blurred vision, difficulty with speech or other neurological problems you feel acute, severe pain, particularly with sudden onset your headache is accompanied by severe nausea your headache is the result or an injury, such as a car crash or fall For more information, check out the National Headache Foundation at You can follow Everybody Needs A Nurse on Twitter @ENANurse1 image by TheGiantVermon via...

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