Jared Rogers

A Role Model

I stood at his bedside and could not say a word. Not one single word. I knew that if I attempted to speak I would break down and cry. It was all I could do just to remember to breathe. There were tubes interlaced all around his body and machines monitoring every possible vital sign. The room was cramped and hot with a glaring, sharp white light radiating off of the white stone walls and the white tiled floor. I was hardly brave enough to make eye contact with him, and when I did he reached out his hand....

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Ice Cold Resilience

It is said that your dog is most likely happier than you are. My family has an elderly beagle back home in Indiana, and chances are that as I write this amidst a busy work day – with programs to coordinate, classes to teach, clients to train, and offices to call – he is likely sound asleep, soaking in the warm midday sunshine. Later today, as I battle through rush hour traffic, he will chow down ferociously on food that is simply dropped into his bowl. After that, he may spend some time barking at the geese that land...

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A Relentless Pursuit

“You may now approach the platform.” This command prompts a stone-faced athlete to nod in understanding as he steps towards the judge. He looks down and places his feet thoughtfully underneath the rusted cast iron bar loaded with three times his body weight. There is a tightness wound up in his chest, a laser-like focus in his eyes, and a fire burning hot within his soul. This is it, the third and final attempt on the last lift of the competition. One clean pull from the floor and the athlete will set four state records and clinch the title...

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Warmth In The Darkest Nights

Warmth is golden. A warm breeze gently kisses my cheek as I step out of the front door. I feel it first: it is comforting and inclusive. I smell it second: it smells fresh and dense. Next, I hear it. Warmth opens up silence internally, allowing a world of soothing sounds to be registered within the mind. Thoughts immediately quiet down as attention is drawn to the pleasure of warmth. Once thoughts are quiet, I experience presence. I hear the birds chirping to one another in the distance. I hear children gabbing and playing in a nearby yard. I...

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The Simplicity Of Well-Being

The Duke Center for Living at Fearrington recently wrapped up a very successful member competition entitled “The Fitness BINGO Challenge.” Members who participated attempted to complete a weekly BINGO playing card. Each box on the card contained a small task related to well-being, and if a member completed five boxes in a row they earned one point for their team. Each week the tasks on the card were different, as each one of our Exercise Physiologists took the time to create a unique playing card. We received reports of members trying out and enjoying new group exercise classes and...

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Doing and Being

I had a friend in college who began dating a girl who smoked cigarettes. Before long, he himself picked up the habit. A group of us took a short road-trip one weekend, driving my car. We had established that there would be no cigarette smoking in the car, as I myself am not partial to it. About an hour and a half down the road my friend asked to stop for a smoke break, to which I agreed. I felt quite reluctant about stopping, though I did not voice this to my companions. It was a matter of impatience....

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A friend recently told me about the life cycle of a monarch butterfly. From the time they hatch from an egg to the time they die is approximately eight weeks. Throughout this eight week lifespan the monarch lives a few weeks as a caterpillar feeding on silkweed, a week or so in a cocoon undergoing metamorphosis, and four to six weeks as the beautiful creature we see fluttering about by our flowers and gardens. In addition to this rapid change they encounter physically, the monarch is constantly migrating between Mexico and Canada, depending on the season. The full migration...

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