Jared Rogers

The Art Of Movement

Movement: Ponder what that term means to you.

The fitness industry and media try too hard to fit movement into a completely scientific and mechanistic realm. We adorn the body with various devices to precisely count the 10,000 steps we strive to take each day, to calculate the number of calories we burn, to measure the rate of our beating heart, and even to track sleeping patterns. We encourage people to exercise 150 minutes every seven days whilst maintaining a heart rate of 64-76% of its maximum estimated rate. We go on to tell them to complete 8-10 resistance exercises for three sets of 10 repetitions. We time our “WOD” with the goal of achieving the shortest time possible, down to the second. We break down the human body into hundreds of different moving parts and attempt to isolate each muscle group.

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The Sunlight Cure

Humans are intimately connected to the sun and its rhythms. It affects our mood and energy, which have all encompassing effects on how we live and interact with the world. This relationship is never more apparent than when the long, bright days of summer give way to darker autumn nights. The end of daylight savings time darkens moods as much as it darkens the short afternoons.

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Achilles’ Heel, Jared’s Neuroma

“Achilles heel”: an expression meaning “a weak or vulnerable spot.” Physically speaking, almost everyone has one. Most people are consciously aware of their own weak link and seek out advice on how to manage it. While any area of the body is susceptible, my “Achilles heel” has always been my feet. As I picked up running in high school, I developed burning and stinging pains that radiated from my metatarsals into my toes on my right foot. The local podiatrist diagnosed Morton’s Neuroma, a fairly common condition in which the nerve that runs between the third and fourth metatarsals...

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Take a Walk

Hippocrates stated that it is man’s best medicine. Thoreau said he could not stay healthy unless he did it for at least four hours every day. Nietzsche pronounced that all great thoughts were conceived while doing it. Mainstream culture is referring to it as “movement superfood.” Me? I am grateful for each step I take because I know of the excruciating emotional pain associated with having my physical ability stripped away. I inhale thick, earthy air and take a look around. I am surrounded by luscious, green trees. Sunlight flickers through their leaves and flashes in and out of...

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The Parable Of The Day-By-Day

As you may know, I work on the Fitness Team at the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington. There are eight Exercise Physiologists on our team, and we all share a binder that contains each person’s daily schedule. We call this binder the “Day-by-Day,” abbreviated as “DBD.” The DBD shows what each team member is doing during each half-hour time slot of the day. Earlier, I was busy painting some major white-out into my column of the DBD due to a schedule change coming up next month. It struck me as I was making broad strokes with the brush...

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Simple Relaxation Techniques

Soothing stress and taming tension does not have to be complicated. Often, the more complicated one makes it, the less effective the intervention is. One does not have to meditate for long periods of time or abandon all responsibilities and commitments in order to obtain a positive energy balance and peace of mind. Outlined below are four strategies one can employ at specific times of the day to cultivate relaxed energy. The morning rush: People often sleep in as late as possible, then scramble to get ready and organized for the day. This leaves the mind frazzled for hours....

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A Dancing Fool

The pouring rain pelted my cotton hoodie as I scrambled through the night towards a large, lighted tent. The ground was muddy and uneven; I had to step carefully to avoid slipping. Zydeco music was roaring out of the tent and the bodies inside moved with frantic energy; some jumped, some shook their hips, others twirled each other round and round. My friend and I finally made it under the tent and I peeled a drenched hood off of my head and made a beeline through the moving bodies towards the stage. We came to stop near the front,...

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Makia: The third principle of Huna philosophy. Energy flows where attention goes. Likewise, energy follows intention. It is said that 90% of thoughts are repeated from one day to the next. Are yours worth carrying over to tomorrow? What is your mindset each day? Too many dwell on the past and think pessimistic thoughts of the future. Focus mental energy on improvement. One must always be growing, expanding into better versions of themselves. One must evolve with the changing tides of life with a flexible and open mind. Move forward, do not look back. Examine and learn from mistakes,...

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Taking The First Step To Fitness

“The whole thing just makes me feel really nervous.” I nodded and decided it was best not to smile. “I finally made myself sign up a week ago, and that was difficult enough. Today I sat on my couch and tried to think of as many reasons as I could not to come in. I had some errands I needed to run. I didn’t know what I should wear. I didn’t know what I would do once I got here.” She paused for a moment. “Just excuses,” she sighed. I often forget the anxiety that people feel when it...

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