Alicia Korenman

Who Watches For 'Before Watchmen'?

A few friends have asked me recently for my thoughts on the Watchmen prequels—I think most people these days are kind of aware that Watchmen exists and is a graphic novel (a movie came out a couple years ago that didn’t at all do it justice)—actually, it’s one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time.  It was one of the seminal graphic novels of the ’80s, when comics writers started to experiment with much darker stories, transforming the medium.  Anyway, there’s a reason it’s considered a classic—very strong storytelling by Alan Moore (one of the big names in the comic book universe) and lots and lots of layers and symbols to dissect. So for years, there have been rumors of DC wanting to do a sequel or companion of some kind—it makes sense from a business perspective, since Watchmen is a huge moneymaker for them. But Moore had no interest in revisiting the characters—which also makes sense, since it’s a complete story on its own and doesn’t need sequels or prequels.  And Moore is notoriously cranky, to boot.  He and DC have been sparring over ownership of the story/characters for years. (Which is perhaps a bit silly, as all the characters are modeled after older comics characters from the Charlton line, which DC had acquired, and who were originally supposed to be featured in Watchmen—so they are not...

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Bang, pow, zoom, girls write about comics too!

Chances are, if you’ve read anything in a newspaper about comic books recently, it’s said something like that. Yes, I’m a girl writing about comics, and I promise this won’t be the kind of column where I say obvious things like “Girls read comics too!” and “Did you know they make comics for kids nowadays?” Instead, I’m going to write about things that I like that I hope you’ll like too, peppered with comics-related news, local and otherwise.   So you may be wondering what qualifies me to write about comic books (especially with the recent Kevin Smith interview where he claims girls working with or being into comics isn’t the reality.. I’ve actually been into comics since I was a nerdy/slightly goth teen (it was the 90s), reading The Crow (not great) and Sandman (highly recommended). My comic book fandom persisted and grew, and eventually led me into a summer job at Duke’s library working on the Edwin and Terry Murray Comic Book Collection (where I got to see firsthand hilarious things like that 1970s issue of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane where Lois turns black for a day–well worth Googling) and a couple of years working at a local comic book store (I’d always wanted to be a Comic Book Store Girl!). I tend to read more indie stuff, but love Batman/Batgirl/Batwoman and Kitty Pryde, so try...

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