A Southern Season is giving 5% of all in store sales on Wednesday, May 4  to Community Home Trust.  See details here. 

It’s a win-win collaborative effort for both businesses.  And it’s a win-win for  the rest of us who can make one quick (or long if desired) stop and get great gifts (for Mothers Day, graduation, my birthday) – all while contributing to the good work of Community Home Trust. 

Lots of winners in this scenario.  And that’s good business.

P.S.    Every Mom I know would like to hear or see a story or two about the way she has helped her kids.  If you need ideas to get your wheels turning, see recent story entitled Lessons from Mom.  While there, feel free to post your story(ies) and then send your Mom a link so that she can see her name “in lights” at Chapelboro.com.