If you’ve been waiting for a knight in shining armor, your wait will be over in days – as long as scarlet is okay.

The Scarlet Knights from Rutgers University will be here this weekend.

Let’s greet them with a warm “Welcome to Carolina”.

If you run a business in town, ask your staff members to do the same.  For more on this, see Welcome to Notre Dame.

For an added touch,prepare your staff with tidbits like:

  • Rutgers University is in Newark, New Jersey. 
  • Their colors are red and black.
  • They are the Scarlet Knights.

Post signs like these on doors, windows and on tables or counters.

Welcome Rutgers Fans

A welcome sign, a verbal welcome, a bit of background info to show we care.   Such small gestures that involve little to no cost but have great meaning.

And of course, I also encourage you to show your support for the home team with signs like these.

Go Heels

Good for your business. Good for our town.

If that’s not reason enough for you… last year, a carload of fans drove in from Virginia, saw two restaurants across from each other and chose the one with a sign on the door that said, “Welcome Virginia Tech fans”.  They said to the manager who greeted them, “We weren’t sure we’d be welcome here at all. It was nice to see your sign.”

Good hospitality. Good for business.

If THAT’S not reason enough…this Saturday is the second of only seven times all year that the football crowd will gather in town. As many as 63,000 fans will spend an estimated $7.8 million, which generates $546,000 in sales tax – an extremely important source of revenue for our state and local governments – now more so than ever.

If $7.8 million sounds too big to be true, all it takes is for each of the 63,000 fans at the stadium to spend $125. Game ticket, parking, bus ride, program, hot dog, popcorn, dinner in your restaurant, shopping in your store – adds up quick. Of course some people spend more. Some spend less. But it’s a huge influx of people and cash into our community.

Your business’ share of that $7.8 million can range from none to a lot – depending on your location, type of business and mainly – your game day strategy.

Don’t sell game day items? Not open on game day? Don’t stop reading.

Even businesses that don’t sell game day items…even businesses that aren’t open on game day…can get a boost or two from the buzz about game day which can go on the entire week before the game.   And long after if Carolina wins.  Boosts in energy, productivity, morale, customer loyalty – all of which have a way of boosting business.

Get 9 more easy and mostly free game week strategies for boosting business at:   Opportunity to Boost Business.

Do you have any game week strategies or success stories to share?  Please share below or write to Jan@Chapelboro.com.

Printable Signs Below. For best results:

  • set “Preferences” to “landscape”.
  • print on white paper, preferably reycled.
  • use color ink.
  • print and cut in half as shown by cut lines.
  • print responsibly.

Problems with link to Rutgers signs? Try this.

Problems with link to Go Heels signs? Try this
Welcome signs for other schools are available right here.