Two young men in red t-shirts walked into a local drug store. 

A woman in a light blue t-shirt said to them, “Are you from Louisville?” 

The red-clad ones said “Yes” with a tad of an “Uh-oh” in their voices.   

The woman’s response, “Welcome to Carolina”. 

The young men smiled and stopped to chat about how excited they were when they saw Carolina on their schedule this year.

A nice interchange.

Did it substantially change their visit to Carolina?   Perhaps not. 

But just imagine if these visitors heard and saw that welcome message frequently during their visit.

That’s what happens at Notre Dame.

Let’s greet Miami fans with a warm “Welcome to Carolina”.

Let’s post these signs in doors and windows:

 For an added touch, prepare your staff with tidbits like:

  • The University of Miami is in Coral Gables, Florida.
  • Their colors are orange and green.
  • They are the Miami Hurricanes.

A welcome sign, a verbal welcome, a bit of background info to show we care. Such small gestures that involve little to no cost but have great meaning.

And of course, let’s show support for the home team with signs like these.
Go Heels

Good for your business. Good for our town.

What do you do in preparation for game day?

Need ideas?  See:  Grab This Opportunity to Boost Business

Printable Signs Below. For best results:

  • set “Preferences” to “landscape”.
  • print and cut in half as shown by cut lines.
  • print in color.
  • print responsibly.

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Problems with link to Go Heels signs? Try this.

Welcome signs for other schools are available at