For me, sitting through the rainy 66-0 romp this past Saturday against Idaho was enjoyable (to a point) for three reasons:

1) Carolina football is extremely important to me and my family, and it’s built-in time for us to be together and cheer on our University that we love so much.
2) For as long as I have been following Carolina football, how many times have you seen a Tar Heel team completely and utterly humiliate and dominate its opponent from the opening whistle to the final gun?  Not too many is the answer …and I loved every moment of it
3) With the age of social media and twitter-verse upon us, I love hearing from fellow fans and players alike about all things Tar Heel, and it helps provide information for all of us, which fuels the fire of excitement that builds up to game time.

Take a look at the tweet below from my good friend, and assistant equipment manager, Jason Freeman, announcing that the Tar Heels were going to be wearing a special American Flag decal on their helmets in recognition and support of Military Appreciation Day which he released via twitter on September 24th:

Jason Freeman @uncfootball
Excited to get these ready for the weekend. #militaryappreciationday #goheelsgoamerica

This next tweet was posted on Game Day.

Eric Ebron @Ebron_
Rain, Sleet, Snow.. You Stomp On Our Interlocking NC.. I Have No Respect For You.. GAME TIME!!!

I’m sure that the Vandals wish they had chosen to get fired up in a different manner. Not only is Ebron a fan favorite to Tar Heel Nation, but he has definitely shot up the boards as one of my top Heels on this year’s team! This is the kind of vocal leadership you need (whether you are doing it with your mouth or your thumbs), and the program and the team will build on this kind of bravado.

So now, let’;s talk a little Turkey. When I originally got our schedule last spring, I thought, at best, we’d be 5-0 at this point, likely 4-1, and at worst, 3-2. I had come to terms with 4-1 because I knew Louisville was going to be a tough road showdown against a talented and explosive Cardinals team, and that’s what we saw firsthand. Now that we’ve gotten a few bumps out of our system, it’s ACC schedule time from here on out. We have seven straight division opponents, and it begins this weekend with Coastal Division juggernaut Virginia Tech.

Since entering the ACC in 2004, the Hokies have won the Coastal Division five times and the ACC Championship four times.  Their 6-foot-5, 260-pound quarterback Logan Thomas is equally happy to lower his shoulder and run the ball as he is to effortlessly toss it downfield, so our Defense needs to be ready for this multi-dimensional offense.  Add to that the Hokies top 25 defense which is coached by Bud Foster (a possible head coaching candidate at one time for UNC) and its legendary special teams units, and the Tar Heels (players and fans) will need to bring a 60-minute effort against the Turkeys.  Now the real test for the fighting Tar Heels begins, and the 66-0 blowouts will be a memory of the past (although I’d be thrilled if the Heels prove me wrong on this).

One thing that I am looking forward to on Saturday is figuring out just who this Tar Heel team is as we move into the ACC schedule.  I spend a lot of time talking Tar Heel with friends, former teammates, and another media outlet, and no one is quite sure who these Tar Heels really are.  I think I’m getting a better idea, but the real tale of the tape will be in all white on Saturday for Carolina’s “Whiteout,” and it will be interesting to see how she looks against some real competition!

Smart. Fast. Physical.  SEE YOU ALL IN WHITE!

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The White Out helmets Carolina will be wearing Saturday vs. Virginia Tech