Have you ever gone trick or treating up and down Franklin Street?  Or through University Mall, Eastgate Shopping Center or Carr Mill Mall?  Do you always get treats?  I don’t.
I was headed out of town last weekend to celebrate my sister’s 60 birthday. Her present was all ready to go but I wanted just a little somethin’ else. So on the way to vote at Carrboro Town Hall, I stopped in at Somethin’ Else on West Franklin Street.

Would I get tricked or treated?

Uh-oh. The door was locked.  No treats here.

Then all of the sudden, there was someone at the door. Unlocking it. Opening it up for me even though it wasn’t opening time yet. A real treat.

Co-owner Nancy Kittay showed me some things, then let me explore and there it was…just the “something else” I needed.   She offered to wrap the gift – another treat considering my pre-trip time strapped status. I also considered it a treat that the wrapping was the environmentally friendly variety.
So as it turned out – I got multiple treats from Somethin’ Else.*

I made a couple more stops on the way up to Town Hall.

At one place, the cashier didn’t look up from her book the entire time I was there. Had I needed help, it would have been a real trick to get her attention.

At another place, two workers carried on a conversation about their boss the entire time I was in the store. Even when I stood right in front of them with money in hand.

Next and last of the pre-trip errands – a stop at the polls. And what a welcome treat. Friendly, thorough, helpful people.

Such small things – treats that cost little to nothing yet make a big difference.

So now I’m back in town and ready for more trick or treating.  Want to come with me?

What will we get at your business?

Tricks or treats?

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween.

*Somethin’ Else is owned by Jay and Nancy Kittay.  It is located at 318 W. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill.  Their website is:  www.SomethinElseNC.com