I’m sure most of you saw UNC beat Elon 62-0. What a thrill that was to start not only the 2012 football season, but Larry Fedora‘s era at UNC. If Saturday was anything to go by, we’re going to have a great season!
What’s sad is that, with these great players and coaches, we won’t be able to head to a bowl game because of the whole NCAA fiasco. But even if we miss postseason play, I hope that won’t take too much away from the regular season.
But, of course, the rest of the teams we play this year will not be as easy to beat as Elon. So will we still be able to win? Probably a lot of games. But will we have victories that stunning? Probably not.
To be honest with you, I am a fan of Fedora’s no-huddle offense. Because you could definitely see it wearing on Elon, I think it’s a sign it will work on many opponents this season.

Speaking of Fedora, he obviously did very well at his first game at Carolina. So in a couple of years, when he’s fully integrated with his players and staff, we can hope that he will transform Carolina football into something great.
We do have some great sports teams. For instance, in basketball and baseball, we are very talented. But adding football to that mix would be so fun.
But it wasn’t just Fedora and the players who did a great job yesterday – it was us too. The fans could be arguably considered the most important part of any sport.
In the first half, the stands were filled with fans turning the stadium blue and cheering on our team. The players definitely noticed it, and I’m sure it encouraged them to score 62 points and keep Elon to zero.
So what did you think of the game? Do you think Fedora will be successful? What will this season be like for the Tar Heels? Let me know by commenting below.