Psalm 100, a Christian a capella group at UNC, kicked out one of its members because because he’s gay and OK with it.

I have so many issues with what happened. I firmly believe in gay rights, whether it’s fighting discrimination or the right to marry. I’m not going to talk about that right now, because I think there’s another facet that deserves mentioning…

This poor guy was forced out of the closet by his friends and is now somewhat of a campus celebrity due to all the press. I’m not going to mention his name because that just makes things worse.

Whether its organizations voicing support or others condemning him to hell, this guy is probably overwhelmed by the attention. I think we should all just let him live. His homosexuality is a part of who he is, but he is NOT defined by it. He was made a celebrity overnight just for being himself, which only Kardashians would enjoy.

To Psalm 100: You have disregarded your mission of ‘spreading God’s love’ by instead spreading hatred and intolerance. I am absolutely disgusted with you.

To future campus groups: If you’re going to use university funds, abide by our non-discrimination policy. It’s there for a reason.

What do you think of the whole Psalm 100 fiasco?