According to Business Class surveys, a smile is among the top 10 things customers want.

A smile. 

We can make customers happy by giving them a smile.
So simple.
The cost – $0.


And there’s more.

The person who smiles benefits as well. 

Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.

From a better day to improved health, relationships, reputation; a longer life and more.

And because smiles are contagious, the entire organization can benefit from resulting boosts to morale, productivity, overall performance and more.

All for FREE.

Yet studies have shown that  30% of adults smile 20 times per day and 14%  smile less than 5 times per day.  By comparison, children smile 400 times per day.  

Where did all of our smiles go? 
And how can we get them back?

One way is remind ourselves and all around us of the power of a smile.
And a way to do that is to celebrate Smile Power Day on Friday, June 15.

Or – we could just get smiling.

C’mon.  Give me a smile.

Just one smile.

There ya go.

Now one more.  Make it a big goofy one.


Felt good didn’t it?


For more info on Smile Power, including a TED video with source of above stats, see 10+ Powers of a Smile.

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