Spring is my favorite season, for so many reasons. Growing up in chilly Green Bay, Wisconsin, Spring meant the exciting thawing of the dreary snow and ice that had covered everything since Halloween. Since moving to North Carolina in 1987, Spring  now means an overwhelming outburst of daffodils, forsythia, red buds and azaleas, to name a few. And my daughter, Amira, was born on the first day of Spring, just as the sun came up, 11 years ago. Also, my birthday is in April. So you can see I have many reasons to celebrate this time of year. I truly think Spring is magical and always will. This blog post is dedicated to the Spring flowers in my yard and around Chapelboro. Enjoy!

Amira, my Spring baby, in a weeping cherry.
In Chapel Hill, Jeff Erick Essen has a veritable springtime show in his yard! Featured here is an apple-pear tree branch in the foreground with red bud and weeping cherry in the background.
I planted bulbs this past winter and could not believe how many tulips came up. This was the first one to open.

On the left is a close-up of a weeping cherry blossom. On the right are my sons, Roman and Leo, under my deciduous magnolia with saucer flowers. People call these tulip trees because of the shape and bright color of their flowers.
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