As I was reading a recent blog post regarding budget cuts to the UNC system in the area of 15 percent equating to an estimated $75 million and the quality of education for 222,000 students in North Carolina I applaud any organization in today’s economy offering scholarship programs for education!! Gone are the days we can take for granite benefits offered via our employers, including health insurance, and I am fortunate to work with an organization that believes in its employees enough to continue the Scholarship Program for Education during the tough economy we are all experiencing.

I have a son in college at NC A&T and I am thankful I don’t have two kids in college at the same time as do many parents in this area. I am counting the semesters til graduation in May 2012 and you will probably be able to hear my shouts of joy all the way from Greensboro to Chapel Hill! To have $500-$2,000 reduced from your budget for education and student loans as a student and parent is note worthy and I look forward to my one year of service in order to apply also.

Retired seniors in Chatham County are making sure the multigenerational workforce is able to achieve the American dream with post secondary education. By donating $15,700 Chatham County residents supported a local scholarship and education program offering thirteen scholarships to deserving applicants. What an amazing way to “pay it forward” in today’s economy and continue your philanthropic efforts by giving to such a great cause. Education is critical in making the difference in providing for our families and we applaud those who believe in making a difference.

Beatrice Runyan, Director of Human Resource at a local nonprofit stated, “The Employee Scholarship Program is just one additional way organizations can recognize and reward good employees and help encourage their continued education.

Those are my thoughts. What do you think of the budget cuts?