Chapelboro reader, Julie Budd from Budd Marketing in Burlington, was driving down the road and saw a man at the intersection of I-40 and Highway 68. He was holding a sign that in her words, “made me chuckle”. It also reminded her of a recent article and request for fun and interesting signs ( See: Five Favorite Signs from 2011 – link below.) And so Julie stopped and, with his permission, took this picture and sent it to me.

Julie referred to him as “clever”.

He is clever indeed. With his sign, he makes light of a tough situation, making it more likely for people to pay attention to him and his message instead of turning away due to embarrassment or discomfort.

His sign also reminded me of a networking concept learned long ago through membership in BNI. About golden eggs and golden geese.

Instead of continuing to stand on the corner every day asking for golden eggs (a little money from a passerby here and there), this man is asking for a golden goose (a rich wife).

A golden egg is any new customer or client. Very valuable. Even more valuable would be to find a golden goose or a referral partner which is a steady provider of golden eggs.

When we have a golden goose, we can spend less time scrambling for eggs, and instead, concentrate on taking real good care of those we hatch.

Instead of looking for golden eggs (people who need braces), an orthodontist would look for a golden goose (a dentist whose patients may one day be in the market for braces).

Instead of beating the bushes for golden eggs (people who need mortgages), a mortgage broker might look for a golden goose (like realtors who work every day with people who will soon need a mortgage ).

Realtors could also be a golden goose for real estate attorneys.

An accounting firm could be a golden goose for a payroll company.

Two different law firms with different practice areas could be golden geese for each other. The same for insurance brokers, accountants and bankers.

A few questions for you:

  • Do you have a golden goose?
  • If so, are you making your goose happy by taking really good care of the eggs passed your way?
  • If you don’t have a golden goose, where might you find one?
  • Are you a golden goose for anyone?
  • Would being a golden goose help you or your clients in any way?
  • And last – might you like to be the rich wife of this “clever” man?

If you see any clever signs in the Chapelboro, please send them to

Five Favorite Signs in 2011