I hope it is an underestimation to assume most of you are aware of the pink tint of much of our towns this month.  In case you’re among the few unaware of the flattering blush tone, it’s all part of “Turn the Town Pink” which is a fund (and awareness) raising effort by UNC Lineberger and its Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP).  

This column has seen a few rants about seemingly uncaring businesses but today, I write the opposite.  The business and community partners joining with UNC are proving that customer service comes in more than obvious ways.  And sometimes it wears pink.
The quantity and variety of businesses finding creative ways to donate and to help us donate is laudable but, to me, not surprising.  I’ve written before that I’ve lived in many places and never before have I lived in a community where good works and philanthropy is as celebrated as it is here.  
Here’s just a sample of participating local businesses:
  • Aveda Institute
  • Carolina Inn
  • Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership
  • Chapel Hill Sportswear
  • Elaine’s on Franklin
  • Finn Facial Plastics
  • Galloway Ridge
  • O2 Fitness
  • Performance AutoMall 
  • Pure Barre
  • Shula’s 347 Grill
  • The Siena Hotel
  • A Southern Season 
  • Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry
  • Sugarland
  • Vietri
One business much beloved by me is donating 5% of the proceeds of all of next week’s (Oct. 17-21) Our Local Deals (this link will take you to the current offer, just look for the subscribe button to receive all of next week’s offers).  Make sure you look at each one with an eye toward holiday gift giving because more than one person will be the recipient.  
For a full list of how these and other businesses are participating, click here
What does all this buy? Here’s a sample:
  • Information: the vetted, clear, dependable kind.  A cancer diagnosis sends most people and their loved ones looking for answers.  The CCSP clears the underbrush of misinformation for patients.  
  • With too many families depleting savings to pay for care, this program provides wigs, hats and scarves to those for whom it’s a luxury.
  • Gas and parking.  Most of you reading this are fortunate to live close by but UNC Lineberger treats people from many miles away.  Raising just $25 can pay a patient’s gas bill. 
  • Food.  Yes, the kind no one wants but too many people need:  the kind that is in liquid form only and sometimes is delivered not by glass, but by tube.
If you know someone who’s been helped by these programs, and you feel comfortable doing so, please leave his or her (or your) story below.  Sometimes knowing real people benefit brings out the blush in all of us.  If you’d prefer I tell the story, write to me at donnabeth@chapelboro.com
Wishing a very pink month to all of us.