Today marks the end of one of the bitterest elections I have lived through. Both sides had ample reasons to support their candidates since both candidates had strong records of success. Now comes the hard part: healing.

Every words we say about another person, whether political candidate, friend, foe, or family  member carries energy. All of us are constantly pouring our energy forth and creating the world in which we live, the question is, with what type of energy are we creating? This question deserves reflective contemplation because in it holds the key to our personal future as well as the future of our entire country. We create our world and therefore have a responsibility to do so with intentionality.

If we all believe that America is a great country then let’s put that energy our words actions and deeds. If we believe that America is not as great as it can be then let’s work to make it better. Let’s proudly wear our flag pins, fly our flags, cry heartfelt tears of pride when we sing the national anthem. Let’s forgive, forget and embrace each other. This is our home.

Let’s make everyone, regardless of their political ideology, feel welcome and heard. Listening is the first step a doctor must take before she can begin to heal her patient, and it is the first step we all must take to heal each other. Even if we don’t agree, simply by listening and trying to understand each other we can begin this much needed healing process.  Now to quote my favorite Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

Ultimately it is our daily actions that create our vibrant communities and economy. Rather than waiting for our leadership to take the lead, it is time for us to do it for ourselves and each other.