It happens every year. As the calendar turns from holiday festivities to the new year, we are all deluged with messages to change ourselves and pressure to make ourselves into an ideal person. We need to look, act, and think a certain way and change the habits of decades.

But one thing that’s never mentioned in this annual flood of perfectionism is the importance of exploring what we like about ourselves that we can do more of in the coming year.

This year, in addition to (or instead of) making resolutions to change, take a moment to jot down five things that are going well that you would like to foster over the coming year. Maybe that means continuing your meditation practice, keeping up your healthy eating, remembering to be grateful for friends and family, or hosting the dinner parties you enjoy. These should be things you already do that provide peace, happiness and feelings of accomplishment.

Not everything positive needs to be difficult. The most positive aspects of your life—and the ones you’ll have the least trouble sticking to—are things you already do. And, needless to say, if you can’t find five positive things about your life, your first resolution should be to find some.

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image by kurichan+ via flickr