If this were a perfect world, I would be proudly reporting to you that I went undefeated in all of my Leagues every week this year and ended up with 3 Fantasy Football Championships. Unfortunately (more so for me), this is not the case, but fortunately (more so for you), my absolutely putrid luck allows fellow Fanagers who suffer through certain Fantasy blunders to relate to me since I regularly experience more than my fair share.

In my most competitive League, I thought that I was destined for glory going into the draft because I had the hottest player coming out of the 2010 season: Michael Vick. Not only did I have him secured in this Keeper League, but, since I claimed him off of waivers the previous year, I also got him as my last round draft pick. So when everyone else was choosing his Kicker, I used the equivalent pick to get Vick. I remember those days fondly (sigh).

Well, as I prefaced, this story does not have a fairytale ending. As the so-called Eagles “Dream Team” became dismantled, so too did my own, and in quite similar fashion. In fact, my season was much like that of the Eagles. Given my Quarterback and his accompanying advantages (for Andy Reid, versatility; for me, the last round pick), I felt like I had put together a solid roster of skilled players to surround him that would ultimately reign supreme in the League; however, both Andy and I were oblivious to the personnel problems awaiting our teams.

I will admit that I reached for a few players in the draft, but I think that having Vick as my last round pick made me feel like I had more room to gamble on certain players. I also didn’t realize how valuable the extra bench spot would be that I dedicated to a back up Quarterback of note, given Vick’s injury issues. For these things, I claim total responsibility, but the rest of the way is just bad luck.

As with the Eagles, my team got off to a slow start. We played until the very end every week, but would ultimately fall short in the final minutes of the match up. As the season went on, I benched Michael Vick for a while and began to win more while the others in my division began losing more. Before I knew it, and against a lot of odds (there had to be at least 1 or 2 in my favor), I was back in Playoff contention.

Luck had seemingly started to come our way (the Eagles’ and mine) or so we thought. As quickly as the new Postseason hopes had arrived, so too did they vanish. Just like the Playoffs were stripped away from the Eagles after the Giants mathematically eliminated them, a stat correction from several weeks earlier was applied to a matchup that I had won by 1 point that left me 1 point and 1 victory short of the Playoffs. Seriously. That happened.

The good news is that I did not physically harm myself or anyone else over the course of this Fantasy Football season (although it was difficult at times). After all, it is finding humor in my own misery that keeps me going each year and already has me Jones-ing for next season. Well that, and having Michael Vick as my last round draft pick again.