If you are a Chapelboro insider and read your email yesterday, then you already know of at least one person who is celebrating St Patrick’s Day this week.

That would be Digital Media Dynamo, Kit FitzSimons.  Here’s an excerpt from his witty e-mail with the witty subject line: “Irish I May, Irish I Might”.

 Top’o the morning to ya! St. Patrick’s coming, so you better be good for Guinness sake! …and while I know the big day isn’t until this Saturday,  it’s been a while since my last visit to Aveda, so my Irish roots are showing. And that means a whole week of St Patty’s Day spirit for ol’ Christopher Michael Connor Thomas Danger Phelim Bailey FitzSimons!   I, myself, will be celebrating by listening to some O.D.B., sipping on gin and uisce beatha, and spitting on Scotsmen. How ’bout yourself?

So — how ’bout yourself? What are you doing to celebrate St Patricks Day?
At my office, we’ve been  celebrating by sharing snippets of Irish wisdom like this one:


Later in the week,  we’ll be eating shamrock cookies.  And with a little luck, drinking some green beer or lime sherbert floats. 
Some of this – and some of Kit’s wit – is a bit silly, but you know what people say about laughter: that it’s the shortest distance between two people.  And that it’s like a mini-vacation.
What a simple way to boost morale and productivity.  And that’s good for business.
So how ’bout yourself? What will you do to celebrate?
Paste a shamrock on your window?
Treat everyone to shamrock cookies? 
Share an Irish blessing or two?
If you need some of the latter, let me know. I’d be glad to share — even the ones about my grandmother’s teeth and frogs in your underpants.
If you have any good ones, let me know.  I’d love to add them to our stash.
And if you are serving lime sherbert floats, let me know when to come over.

Luck of the Irish to you.
And a lot of laughter too.
PS  Back in January, I wrote about the UNC Surplus Store and how they usually have athletic shoes in August.  They have some NOW.  Or at least they did yesterday around noon.  27 pair of Nike football shoes.  Brand New.  Sizes 13-16. Marked down to $15 per pair!!!   This is bound to be lucky news for someone.  So be sure to spread the word!