Thursday, October 11 is National Kick Butt Day.

How will you celebrate?

Some things to consider…

kick boxing
What would really help your organization most right now?

More clients? Fewer receivables?

Offer free kickboxing classes to those who reach their sales goal today or this week.  Or to those who collect a certain dollar amount of receivables.  Or any other activity that will help you and them get to goal.

As for the prize…it doesn’t have to be kickboxing classes.  It could be a candy bar or a round of applause or a handwritten note that says:

Congratulations and thank you for kicking butt!

It’s not the prize that counts.  It’s the recognition.  A terrific boost for morale and productivity. 

All great for the bottom line.

Working on your own?  No team to challenge?

You can still celebrate.  Can you think of something you’ve been putting off? Dreading? Avoiding?
Kick some butt and get it done TODAY.  Right  NOW! 

Then give yourself a prize or write yourself a congratulatory note.  Or let me know what you did to kick butt and I’ll send you one.

Here’s to kicking butt on Kick Butt Day and beyond.

P.S. If no one seems eager to Kick Butt on Kick Butt Day or any other day, it could be fear that’s in the way.   Not good for business.  Put this  Quote of the Week to work right away.

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P.P.P.S  – Did  you by any chance buy the local deal for kickboxing lessons back in June.  If so, and if you haven’t used them, now is the perfect time.  Here’s a link to the deal which will lead you to a place to go for classes.