Chapel Hill Opthalmology

Look around every corner..

On the floor.

On the walls.


Ceiling too.

And a well-placed “Boo”!

Well done fun for patients and staff at Chapel Hill Opthalmology.
After seeing these sights, many patients come back with their kids or grand kids in tow.
A nice way to boost morale, productivity and customer connection.

Good business by Dr. John Wood and his team.

Does your office decorate for Halloween?
Will you send pictures?


P.S.  Last week I mentioned my new EEEK-Book:  Bite Size Bits for Business.  It’s loaded with ways to make Halloween more than just pun and games.  If interested, you can read about it here.  Someone asked me if Bite Size Bits for Business is the book I mentioned back in August during “finish your book manuscript” month.  It is not.  There’s another book on the way.  The title:  From Rotten Eggs to Mistake Cake.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready to read.  Meanwhile – Happy Halloween!