We’ve talked about exciting upcoming comics I’m excited about—now it’s time to let my more mainstream geek flag fly and talk about comic book MOVIES to be excited about in 2013.

–First up, the Marvel movie slate! If you’ve been reading this column for a while, you know that I have pretty much been all over the recent Marvel movie universe (except the Spider-man movies, but they’re owned by another studio entirely or something). And I love how Marvel is really trying to make their movies a UNIVERSE, with tons of crossovers and all the individual heroes’ movie plotlines feeding into what happens in the big ensemble movies. So here’s what we can look forward to this year: Iron Man 3! OK, I’ll admit to liking the Iron Man movies less than some of the other ones, but they’re reliably entertaining if a little weak on plot. And Thor: The Dark World! I am legitimately excited for this movie—the first Thor movie was great, and this looks pretty nuts. You can’t go wrong with Loki getting into mischief.

–DC. In general I am less enthused about DC’s upcoming offerings (despite my love of Christopher Nolan’s Batman), because Man of Steel looks completely dumb, and Justice League seems like it’s floundering to get ideas together. BUT this week brought some mildly interesting news—the Y: The Last Man movie has a director! I am firmly in the camp of “but it should be a tv series!!!!” but am happy to have any Y project in development at all. And if you’ve never read it, get on that already. One of the best series of the 2000s. (I neglected to mention author Brian K. Vaughn’s latest project, Saga, in my favorite-of-2012 list, but it is super good and worth checking out, though still kind of early on in the story.)

–For something not REALLY comic book related, except that it features parodies/homages to basically every comic book thing ever, Venture Bros comes back in March! Some new images have been released and looking at them makes me super happy. It’s really one of the best shows on television.

And to get back to comics to be excited about in 2013, io9 has an excellent list of more.

Finally, on another note, I’m excited to note that I’ll be leading a GRAPHIC NOVEL BOOK GROUP (omg!!!) at Chapel Hill Comics, starting Sunday January 27th! We’ll be discussing the new Wrinkle in Time graphic novel by Hope Larson. Hope to see you there!


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