So the big news in the comic book world this week is that Superman and Wonder Woman are becoming a couple and will be a couple in every relevant DC book (and probably some irrelevant ones, to sell more copies). For someone who ostensibly doesn’t care about superheroes — and definitely has little-to-no interest in Superman specifically — this is really bugging me, and I am going to try and tell you why.

–First of all, I’m not at all into the cover, which falls way into overly sexy/sexist territory (don’t get me wrong, Superman looks terrible too). I just don’t think Wonder Woman’s barely-clothed butt should be right smack in the center, you know? Not to mention, getting it on while flying has totally been done before, in the Buffy Season 8 comics (spoiler? Sorry).

–I’m also not into these characters as a couple. Wonder Woman’s new series has been pretty interesting, even if they have changed a lot of her backstory/parentage. Why does any major storyline worthy of getting media attention have to involve romance? And what about romance with Steve Trevor, who’s historically been her love interest, or even with a new character? Or why can’t she keep exploring her roots and her powers, and not date anyone? (Let alone have sky-sex.) io9 has some good analysis of her character and lovelife in light of this editorial decision.

–What about Lois Lane? OK, they aren’t married in this version of the DC Universe (and I guess they aren’t dating?), but I’m always going to root for the scrappy girl reporter.

(From Superman Annual 11 / Scans Daily)

–OK, the REAL reason I’m up in arms about this: the Justice League cartoon. I know it stopped running years ago, but it’s still one of my all-time favorite shows (WHYYYYY isn’t it on Netflix Instant?), and the DC Animated Universe sometimes gets these characters a lot better than the comic book writers do (plus, I love the way they look!). And do you know who Wonder Woman’s love interest was? Not boring Superman, but intellectual and tormented Batman! They played off each other so nicely — Wonder Woman is sometimes seen as basically a female version of Superman with the super strength and the flying (though as a lady, she also has magical accessories like her lasso, bracelets, and invisible airplane), so having her involved with the only human member of the team really worked. And it’s a LOT more interesting. Batman + Wonder Woman 4-eva!

–Now for some comedy about this pairing — NPR has Superman and Wonder Woman’s texts from the morning after, and EW has Lois Lane’s reaction.
And don’t forget, Tuesday the 28th is Read a Comic in Public Day! I hope to see lots of people sharing their comic book love!