My friend’s parents visited us not too long ago, just before Halloween.  While her dad was in the front passenger seat of my car he commented on my use of the turn signal, the brakes and a friendly wave.  He noticed also that I was far from alone.
     Being from the northeast and now living in South Florida he found our southern civility to be noteworthy.  I felt proud to have adopted these manners and glad to be living among people who prize them.  
     If I were writing a screenplay, right about now you’d see calendar pages flipping and Christmas decorations going up.  With that visual assistance, you’ll know I’m now writing about the recent weeks since Thanksgiving.  
     I’ve written previously about my errand runs and this time of year that list (like Santa’s) grows only longer.  Being out and about so much I feel sure I’m qualified to ask the following question:  Is courtesy illegal in parking lots?  All those lovely drivers who waved me over at the first click of my blinker are now aiming to mow me down as I return my shopping cart.  If they are not actively gunning for me and/or a loved one (or the older gentleman down the row), they are likely stopped in the center of a lane, their own blinker on, letting no one pass.  Perhaps they fear not blocking the lane will cause them to lose the coveted spot but it also means my car is idling while I can’t leave nor can I find my own parking.  
     I’m not talking about giant, teeming regional shopping centers; I’m talking about Eastgate, University Mall and Village Plaza.  
     Yes, I know, stress abounds during the holiday season.  Everyone has too much to do and too little time but is that any reason to abandon reason?
     Doesn’t it take away a bit of that driver’s seasonal joy to cause aggravation to others?  No, it doesn’t get evened out if you toss a coin into a charity kettle or even if you write a big check.  People’s gift to each other this time of year should be kindness…. one step beyond courtesy.  
     We’re just a few days before the 2011 holiday season ends and I’m already putting together my wish-list for next year:  Peace on Earth, A Robust Economy and Polite Parking Lots.  How do you think I’ll do?  Maybe I’d better plan for my friend’s parents to return in early autumn. 

     Does holiday time leave you with something to get off your chest?  Other than that questionable sweater from Aunt So-and-so.  Please, leave it below or write to me at  I hate to Grinch alone!